with Lucy Robertson

Lucy is trained in Russia- directly with Dr. Korotkov and their development team - in advanced use of GDV/Bio-Well

Dan Winter: "Lucy has an extremely valuable scientific AND intuitive / spiritual talent- interpreting GDV Aura analysis"

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In partnership / consultancy with: Dan Winter - ,

Order your GDV system- from Lucy- with direct help and support - - contact: Lucy Robertson <violet.lucy at>

Biowell 2 system complete $1899 - + $30 ship in USA, $80 elsewhere

from Lucy Robertson - 802-917-2899 -, working with Dr Korotkov

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Ships within about 5 days, 1 year warranty

Pioneering real life applications of state of the art charge field / kilian / aura vision - ( "GDV") mapping

for Aura Analysis

AND for Water - life force testing!


'Come to Lucy with your ideas and questions for your latest devices and studies you wish to perform.
We can look at the impact of procedures, techniques, or items/ materials - on people"

Lucy Robertson, Bio-well interpretation. She has been working with the biofield camera technology, doing research and teaching others how to use the camera, for the last ten years.
Her friend Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, who invented the bio-well, proudly states,

"She is the best in the world for training.".

Lucy is thrilled to be offering her services. With a sliding fee scale starting at 150 Euro- per hour/reading, she is willing to be flexible, with decreased rates especially for groups.
The Bio-Well reading will provide you with your basic health information, on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Your left-right brain balance, stress level activation coefficient, ability to perform and effect of emotions on your health will be revealed. You can also see whether or not symptoms have manifested on your physical health level. Lucy will provide you with nutritional advice, and share simple exercises for you to revolutionize your lifestyle, resulting in the optimal you!!!
Many Blessings, and I look forward to meeting you. - see contact above.

Lucy has been studying the energy fields of information and consciousness, for over ten years now looking at them with the aura camera bio-well, previously known as the GDV camera. She's looked at water and how it's structured, and the effects of filtering and other treatment systems to create more available potable water, as well as at EMF protective devices. She's studied dance, altered states of consciousness, distance communication and many other such things with this device. desciption price availability forms of payment

Come to her with your ideas and questions for your latest devices and studies you wish to perform. We can look at the impact of a procedure, technique or item on people.

I charge 150 euro an hour, and study prices can be negotiated, and the investigative duties of the service will be adjusted accordingly.

Water studies -- Crystal studies -- relationship analysis -- individual health screening -- consultant with corporations for team performance -- measurement of EMF stickers and other devices -- healing sessions -- environmental analysis --

paypal and iban available

Lucy also trained for 15 years in Ayurdoula - Ayurdoula is an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula - someone trained in traditional Ayurvedic postpartum practices to help a new mother healĀ ...

Lucy offers the best attentive training available based on her own experience and with a laid back teaching style that suits both amateurs and professionals. She provides basic interpretation guidance at a competitive rate, and guides you through being able to interpret the camera results on your own.

Lucy also carries out research for individuals or corporate bodies complete with reports designed to suit the client requirements. With three simple packages to choose from, you will find your perfect fit.

Package 1) Basic - 4 hours of consultation, research and written interpretation.

Package 2) Advanced - 10 hours of consultation, research and written interpretation.

Package 3) Build Your Own - Custom package based on client requirements and designed around project specific remits.

see Example Aura Analysis / Bio Well study from Lucy:


For more background on Lucy - and her work GDV - and with WATER- recommend:




OM: In Sep. 2010, Krishna sought to explore the power of the 5th force (INTENTION-LOVE)
utilizing the instrument of his Dear Colleague, Dr.Konstantin Korotkov .
Liliya Karipanova ( ) a top level healer and intuitive who had a scheduled trip to Iquitos, Peru with a group agreed to participate ...see film: